Shhh… don’t tell anybody, but here are 7 secrets to staying fit and healthy. Some of them may surprise you! Are you ready? Here we go: 1. Drink lots of water; 2. Say no to drugs (yes, even the legal ones); 3. Eat your vegetables; 4. Get some fresh air every day; 5. Exercise daily (take a walk or something); 6. Go for a run once in a while; 7. Be nice to people. 

We know… we just blew your mind, right??? There you have it! The keys to living a happy and healthy life! You can do this now that you know the secrets. But just in case, here’s a little more info.

Drink lots of water

You’ve heard it a thousand times: humans are mostly water (60%? 75%? Who can remember. But it’s definitely more than 50%). And because of that, it’s really important to drink plenty of water every day. It’ll help flush out toxins, keep you hydrated, and just generally make you feel better all around. Not to mention, it’s the cheapest option! So drink up!

Say no to drugs (yes, even the legal ones)

Look, no one’s saying that blowing off a little stress every now and then is a bad thing. But just because it may be legal where you live, that doesn’t mean it should suddenly become a “regular part of a balanced breakfast.”  Drugs, alcohol, and even caffeine can be major contributors to weight gain (among other problems) if you’re not careful. So try and say no as much as possible and find healthier ways to de-stress.

Eat your vegetables

You know this. Veggies are where the nutrients are. We shouldn’t even have to talk about it… but we’re going to anyway. Eat your veggies. They’re good for you. And they won’t kill you if cooked right! (We’re looking at you, Brussels sprouts).

Get some fresh air every day

You already know air is critical (just try holding your breath for three minutes. Your body literally won’t let you). But there’s all sorts of stuff in the air outside that can be great for your health.  Sunshine, fresh air, and a good breeze can all help improve your mood, energy level, and overall health. So get outside every day for at least a little while!

Exercise daily (take a walk or something)

“Use it or lose it” isn’t optional. If you’re not growing, you’re dying (that’s, like, biology 101).  And your body definitely doesn’t grow if you don’t use it (well, not in the ways you want). So get up and move every day! It doesn’t have to be an intense workout (although that’s great if you can do it!). Just take a walk, jog around the block, or do some basic stretches to keep your body healthy and moving.

Go for a run once in a while

Since you’re outside breathing anyway, you might as well make it a challenge, right?  So every now and then, go for a nice long run (or even just a few quick sprints to get your heart rate up). It’ll help you stay healthy, build muscle tone in all the right places, and might even give you some time to clear your head if that’s what you need.

Be nice to people.

Yes, kindness has health benefits. Yes, benefits other than people not beating you up because you’re a jerk.  There are even studies that show being kind can lower your blood pressure. So be nice to everyone you meet! It might just improve both of your lives in the long run.

Bonus Tip: Get a good night’s sleep

This one should be easy enough, but it’s still worth mentioning. You need to get a good night’s sleep every single day. It’s when your body repairs and regenerates cells, helps regulate metabolism and blood pressure, and just generally makes you feel better in the long run. So go to bed early, get up early, and give yourself a solid eight hours of sleep every night!

There are apps and programs out there you can download to track all of this– and they’re great, just for the accountability aspect alone. If you’re part of a group or getting prompted by an app or program, you’re more likely to keep up with it. But as you can see, staying healthy is ultimately just a matter of common sense. Be smart. Make good choices. Live happily ever after.