Relationships can be challenging. But when those challenges become toxic, it’s time to make a change. Whether it’s your partner, friends, family or co-workers, if you find yourself engaging in toxic behavior, it’s time to take action and break the cycle. Here are 8 toxic relationship habits to break this year. 


  1. Stop being a people-pleaser – it’s not worth sacrificing your own happiness. We all want to be liked and accepted by our peers, but sometimes we go too far in trying to please others at the expense of our own personal needs and wants. In order to have healthy relationships, you need to prioritize your own happiness first and foremost. Don’t let other people dictate how you should feel or behave for their benefit; instead, learn how to set healthy boundaries with them and put yourself first. 


  1. Don’t be so quick to criticize or judge others – everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes from time to time. Instead of jumping on someone else’s misstep as an opportunity for criticism or judgment, try using it as an opportunity for learning and growth instead. Constructive criticism can help us learn from our mistakes but unhelpful criticism can damage relationships beyond repair – so think before you speak! 


  1. Quit gossiping and talking behind people’s backs – it only leads to drama. Gossiping about others may seem like an easy way to bond with someone initially but in the long run, it will only lead to drama and conflict within the relationship itself. Make sure that whatever you say about someone is something that you would feel comfortable saying directly in front of them – if not then don’t say it at all! 


  1. Let go of grudges and resentment – they only serve to poison your mind and soul. Holding onto grudges won’t do anything except increase tension between you and the person you’re holding a grudge against – so why bother? Instead, focus on letting go of any negative feelings towards them such as resentment or anger; this will help clear your mind so that you can move forward in the relationship without any lingering bad feelings holding either of you back. 


  1. Stop trying to control everything and everyone – it’s impossible, and you’ll only end up stressed out Trying too hard to control everything around us is a surefire way for us to end up feeling overwhelmed or stressed out; instead, focus on taking things one step at a time by focusing on what we can control (ourselves) rather than what we cannot (others). You’ll thank yourself later!  


  1. Don’t try to change your partner – accept them for who they are Trying too hard to change our partners is never going to be successful; instead of trying too hard– accept them for who they are! Everyone has flaws that make us unique individuals – don’t try too hard to erase those flaws but rather embrace them as part of what makes your relationship special! 


  1. Stop using silent treatment as a way of punishment Silent treatment isn’t effective communication — if anything it just causes more problems than solutions — so don’t use it as a tool for punishment or retribution against someone else; instead, focus on communicating openly with each other even during difficult conversations! 


  1. Make time for each other even when busy Life gets busy sometimes—but that doesn’t mean that we should forget about spending quality time together with our loved ones! Prioritize making some quality ‘us’ time every now and again– even if it’s just once a week—so that both parties feel connected emotionally despite life getting chaotic sometimes!  


Toxic habits can quickly erode relationships if left unchecked – but fortunately, there are ways for us to break these patterns before it’s too late! If any of these 8 toxic habits sound familiar then take steps today towards breaking them before it’s too late–you won’t regret it! With these tips in hand—you have all the tools necessary for building healthier relationships this year—so get started today!