When you’re looking at job options, it makes sense that your primary consideration is what comes after that dollar sign. If we’re honest, the main reason you’re taking a job is to make money so you can pay bills and live the life you want when you’re off the clock.


As important as your wage or salary is, you shouldn’t discount the benefits package that comes with it, because great benefits can actually help you make the most of every dollar you earn. In this post we’re going to look at 5 ways they do just that.


1. Staying Healthy Avoids Medical Expenses
Doctor’s visits, prescriptions and missed work can add up quickly. Staying healthy on the front end simply eliminates those costs on the backend. A good health insurance plan means low copays for regular check-ups. Use these wisely to discuss any issues and ask any questions you may have. The same goes for the dentist and optometrists as well. Because keeping yourself healthy ultimately keeps more money in your pocket.


2. Affordable Healthcare Prevents Medical Debt

The one thing that derails more Americans financially is medical debt. A good healthcare plan absorbs much of that cost, keeping the weight of that burden off of your shoulders. When health issues arise, you simply get yourself taken care of and get on with the business of healing, with minimal out-of-pocket expenses for you and your family. 


3. Telemedicine & Counseling Prevent Missed Work Days

An even better way to avoid hits to your wallet from missed work days is telemedicine and counseling. Feeling a little off, but not sure if it warrants an actual trip to your doctor? Access an app on your phone and talk to an actual doctor while you’re on your break. If it’s something small, often the doctor can send in a prescription for some common medicines based on your conversation alone. If it’s something worth seeing your doctor in person, you can schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient. No more missing work just to see if you should have missed work.
4. Scholarship & Training Opportunities and Training Build Skills That Help You Earn More  

A good benefits package goes beyond taking care of your health. You deserve benefits that are going to take you further in your career, as well, like scholarship and training opportunities. This shows your employer’s willingness to invest in your success in the long term. If it’s not something they offer, they may not be as committed to your future as they want you to be toward theirs. 
5. A 401(k) Retirement Plan Turns a Little Money Today into Sustainable Income When You Retire.

Finally, nothing says “long-term commitment” like an employer who offers a retirement plan. And who’s willing to invest in it with you. A 401(k) Retirement Plan takes a small amount of money from your check each week (an amount you decide on), and invests it for you. Sometimes the employer will agree to match whatever you invest up to a certain percentage of your total pay. That means if you invest 3% of each paycheck, your employer will contribute another 3% into your retirement account. It’s basically a 3% raise, just for planning for the future. 


This money, on average, it will grow year after year. And the longer you keep investing your 3% the faster it will grow. Essentially, your money works for you while you’re not even thinking about it. 


If your employer (or prospective employer) doesn’t offer these benefits, then you simply aren’t making the most of every dollar you earn. Does your employer provide all 5 of the benefits outlined above? Let us know in the comments below!