To those who haven’t faced the constant struggle of surviving paycheck-to-paycheck and barely making ends meet, it might sound like a weird statement… but the truth is, entertainment can provide us with emotional support and distract us from our problems, both of which are essential for our well-being. In some cases, it can be the closest some get to the medicines or counseling many rely on to get through tough times. No, it may not solve all your problems, but it can certainly make them a lot more bearable.


The Power of Entertainment 

It’s no secret that entertainment can have a huge impact on our lives. Whether we are laughing at a sitcom or crying over a sad movie, the emotions we feel when watching or listening to something can really stick with us, and can provide the outlet we need to deal with our own complicated emotions. This can be especially true for those who are struggling financially because it allows them to forget about their troubles for a while and just enjoy themselves. 

In addition to providing emotional relief, entertainment can also help people learn about different cultures and lifestyles. People who live in generational poverty often find themselves stuck within their own circumstances without any real way out—but movies and television shows can offer an escape from this reality by showing them other possibilities they may not have thought were available to them before. Additionally, popular films often feature characters going through similar struggles, which makes it easier for viewers to relate to the story on screen.  


Accessibility of Quality Entertainment 

Having access to quality entertainment is essential for those trying to eke out a living, as it gives them an opportunity to take refuge from their difficult circumstances as well as learn more about parts of the world that they may not otherwise have exposure to. The rise of the current streaming ecosystem is a great benefit to many Americans, providing both escapism and coping mechanisms for people who might not have access to the types of healthcare programs they need (and that lack of access is an important issue that runs deeper than this article has space for).  


Entertainment plays an important role in our lives by providing us with emotional support and a way to escape our reality even if just temporarily. For many, having access to quality entertainment is especially important as it offers them solace from their difficult circumstances as well as an opportunity to learn about different cultures and lifestyles that could potentially open up new possibilities for them down the road.