The job market is starting to explode: a massive wave of opportunity is coming for everyone who has been impacted by the pandemic– both employers and workers. But, now that expanded unemployment benefits and stimulus checks are ending, people are going to dive back into the workforce by the tens of thousands. The best jobs are going to be snatched up quickly. Trade in your Unemployment Benefits for Real, Affordable Benefits, before it’s too late!

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It’s An Employee’s Market… for Now

As the economy surges back to life, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right opportunity? If you were let go from a long-term career due to the pandemic, do you jump back in now, or wait for something more in line with your past job to come around?  If you’re someone with little experience and haven’t had the opportunity to build a toolbox of skills, how can you take advantage of this growth? Everyone was impacted by circumstances beyond their control through no fault of their own. You deserve to benefit from the rebounding economy just as much as anyone else, right?


You absolutely do. The way you make the most of the opportunity headed your way is to choose a job that affords you a brighter future. The question is, what kind of job can help you make the most of this fast-moving opportunity? 


The Time To Move Is Now. Right Now.

It’s not a question to take lightly. The economy took a hard pause during the pandemic, and left a lot of people hurting in the process. People lost jobs. Lost loved ones. Lost businesses. As soon as we approach something that resembles normal, everyone is going to be eager to regain those things they can. As control over Covid increases and the stimulus and emergency unemployment benefits are beginning to dry up, jobs are not going to sit unfilled for long. The sea of choice that sits in front of you today is going to quickly dry up. Those who don’t seize this moment are going to be left hopping from puddle to puddle trying to find whatever options remain unclaimed. You don’t want to be left behind.

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There’s More To A Great Job Than A Paycheck

We get it. At Onin Staffing, we believe that you deserve your share of the coming opportunity just as much as anyone else. Of course, we felt that way even before Covid struck; that’s why we banished the undignified word “temp” within our walls years ago. It’s why we created the best benefits package in the industry. For 30 years, we’ve held fast to one ideal: treat our teammates with the respect they deserve. In fact, we set out to help out teammates make the most of their opportunities long before the economy shut down. We are dedicated to ensuring that they have:


  1. Steady Work
  2. Real, Affordable Benefits. 
  3. Support to Create the Life They Deserve. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Mistake

Today, employees have the leverage in the job market. Sure, you want to pick the best job you can find. But as extended unemployment benefits come to an end and more people enter the workforce, you’ll want to make a quick decision. 


Don’t stress about your decision too much. As almost every workplace recruiter and hiring manager will tell you, it’s easier to get a job if you already have a job. Yes, they understand the bizarre reality we have all been trapped in over the last year. A blank spot on your resume isn’t currently the red flag it once was. But with all of the recent press about available jobs that are sitting unfilled, and as vaccine rates continue to rise, the justification around those blank spots is going to quickly be confined specifically to the pandemic-shutdown period. 


The Rise Of The Bridge Job

A lesser known event that HR professionals are seeing– and fully understand– is the rise of the Bridge Job. A bridge job was previously defined as a transitional job typically taken by older workers to ease into retirement at the end of their formal career. In the Covid-19 era, the Bridge Jobs has evolved into a job, often unrelated to one’s career, that one takes in order to pay the bills while furloughed or unemployed due to the shutdown. 


In the past, moving from a high-paying job to a low-paying job was seen as a step backward, and at the very least, raised questions. In today’s new reality, someone from a salaried background taking an hourly job in the service sector, for instance, is seen as a positive. It shows that someone took the initiative to do something to better their circumstances, rather than wait for “the right thing” to come along. 

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Use This Leverage While you Have It

In this light, while you want to make the most of this opportunity, any job you take now is going to be better than having no job when the particular industry you are aiming for opens back up. Act now and show that you’re eager to get back to work, whatever work looks like at this moment, in order to put yourself in a better position to take advantage of future opportunities.


No one could have imagined we’d be here a year ago. Imagine yourself a year from now with a steady job, protected against the things that would be major setbacks if they were to hit today, and executing a step-by-step plan to get you where you want to be, quicker than you ever thought possible. 


It’s possible. And it’s waiting for you right now, with Onin.

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