Has an ER wait time ever made you want to pull your hair out? We’ve all been there. The good news is there are a few tips and tricks that can help you minimize the amount of time you spend in the waiting room. So stop pulling your hair out, grab a snack and keep reading to find out how to deal with long ER wait times!

Be Prepared & Be Proactive

The first tip we’d like to share is being prepared and proactive. Before going to the emergency room, make sure you know why you’re going and what kind of treatment or care you need. This will help speed up the process because they won’t have to go through a long process of trying to figure out why you’re there. It also helps if you call ahead so they can start preparing for your visit before you even get there. If possible, bring along any ID, insurance and medical records that may be helpful for their diagnosis as well.

Research Your Options

Another tip we recommend is researching your options before settling on a specific hospital or clinic. There may be several hospitals or clinics near you that can provide the same level of care but with significantly less wait time than others. So take some time and research which option is best for your needs as well as what kind of wait times each location averages before making your decision.

Bring Something To Pass The Time

When it comes to waiting, time usually feels like it moves at a snail’s pace—especially when dealing with ER wait times! To pass the time while waiting, bring something with you such as a book, magazine, phone/tablet or laptop. That way, if it looks like the wait will be long (or longer than expected), at least you’ll have something entertaining or productive to do while passing the time instead of feeling like every second lasts an eternity!

Bring A Friend Or Family Member For Support

Lastly, if at all possible, bring someone with you who can offer moral support while waiting in the emergency room. Not only will this help alleviate any feelings of loneliness or boredom while waiting, but having another person around can also help make things run more efficiently since someone else can handle paperwork or other tasks while one person speaks with doctors and nurses about your care plan. Plus, having someone else around for moral support is never a bad thing either!

Although ER wait times can seem unbearable sometimes, these tips should help minimize them so that you don’t have to suffer too much! Be prepared and proactive by knowing why you’re going and what kind of care you need beforehand; research your options; bring something with entertainment value such as a book or tablet; and don’t forget about bringing along friends or family members for extra support as needed! With these tips in mind, hopefully dealing with ER wait times won’t feel quite so daunting anymore! Good luck!