Thinking Long-Term Together

Your big-picture talent requires more than a short-term solution. Manufacturing, food processing, warehousing, packaging and hospitality are highly refined crafts. As our world becomes increasingly complex, having the right people on your team is more important than ever — but finding those people is becoming more difficult. By acting with a heart of service and providing unbeatable benefits to our contingent workforce, we find and retain the best. Whatever your company’s staffing needs are, we have the brains, the resources and the heart to create your solution. Join us in a new kind of staffing partnership.

Talent Acquisition

Ōnin Staffing’s talent acquisition options include contingent, contingent-to-direct, payroll and direct hire services.

Divisional Integration

We have the true capacity to fill almost any position anywhere in the United States.

Financial Stability

As a debt-free staffing firm and one of the largest staffing firms in the United States, we are a financially stable and capable partner.

Technological Acumen

We leverage top industry technology to achieve greater efficacy and efficiency.

Strong Corporate Culture

Our lean, “intrapreneurial” environment breeds top performance.

Employer of Choice

By investing in our Teammates as other staffing services cut benefits, we build stronger relationships with a more stable and loyal workforce.

Workforce Solutions

The Ōnin Group has the infrastructure to run and support select managed services programs (MSP) nationally.

Relocation Services

We provide relocation services to help meet a high demand for employees in low-unemployment markets.