So You’re Looking for a Job Now?

Well, Ōnin Staffing presents a very important message from Sour Cream & Ōnin.

So You’re Looking for a Job Now?

Well, Ōnin Staffing presents a very important message from Sour Cream & Ōnin.

Nothing A-Matter if You’re Searching for Work. Oh-Oh-Oh!

There are more jobs out there than there are people to fill them. That makes this the perfect time for you to be on the hunt for something better. And if you’re on that hunt, we’ve got a few important things you might want to keep in mind.

In fact, we think they’re so important that Ōnin’s corporate leadership team figured it was worth going so far as to sing to you about it. But, we’ve also spelled them out below, just to be extra sure.

Come and Upgrade with a Smile for a While Now!

We get it. You don’t just want a different job. You want a better job. A job with great pay and the tools you need to help protect:

  • Your health
  • Your money
  • And the people and things you care about

At Ōnin, we start every conversation with every client we work with by advocating for great pay that doesn’t just compare with their low-ball competitors, but attracts the kind of talent they need to do their work…people like you.

And every Ōnin job comes with amazing benefits, including radically affordable healthcare you can actually use.

  • Weekly Pay
  • $5 Prescription Drugs
  • $5 Doctor’s Visit Copays
  • Free Teledoctor Service
  • Free Counseling Services
  • Life Insurance Included
  • Vision Insurance Included
  • Dental Insurance Included
  • Vacation and Holiday Pay
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Free Legal Services
  • Employee Discount Program

Behind? Not On Time? Apply Online!

Ōnin makes grabbing your upgrade simple. You’re welcome to call or stop by your local Ōnin branch, or you can apply online at your convenience. Visit our website and take a look at all the jobs available near your. Pick one that fits your needs, click “Apply” and you’re on your way to a better job.

Come and Get Your Job

He-e-ey, it Don’t Matter if Your Work Nights, a Good Job Should Feel Right, Baby!

There are thousands of active job openings in our system, and chances are there’s one that fits your needs. First, second, third and swing-shifts. Full or part-time. We even have a growing selection of Flex Jobs, where you choose when you want to work.

Come On and Be My Teammate, Alright!

At Ōnin, we don’t hire Temps, we hire Teammates. Even if you’re on a short-term assignment, you’re a full Teammate, with access to all of the Teammate benefits listed above. More importantly, you’re a valued member of the team and we’ll work with you to find your next assignment so you KEEP access to your insurance and other benefits.

Leave That Crummy Job Behind Ya…

Like we said, now’s the time. This is the best job market for employees in decades. If you’re feeling under-appreciated, under-valued, or unimportant…you no longer have to accept it. You should take advantage of the moment and make your move. And, yes, we’d love if we were that move.

In the eloquent words of our leadership team:

Come’n Getcha Job

Come’n Getcha Job